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Click Here To Have Your Information Removed From Your Old Computers, Server, Laptops And Hard Drives And Then Recycled

Are Your Pictures And Or Videos On A Damaged Computer Hard Drive Or Are Virus Infected?

We Offer Emergency Video And Pictures Recovery Services From Crashed Or Virus Infected Computer Hard Drives





Welcome To Computers USA

We Are The First And Original Computers USA

Many Try To Use Or Copy Our Name And Services But None Can Match Our Many Advanced

Expertise Of High Technologies & Quaility Services We Provide

We Are The First Computers USA Our Name Saids It All



We Are Business Experts Here To Make Computers Easier For You And Your Business

Complete Business Internet Web Hosting & Personal Web Design Services

Graphic Design, Logo Design

Complete Private Secured E-Mail Systems

Government System Administration Services

Complete IT Administration Services

Custom Built Servers, Workstations, Network Systems

Advanced Data Recovery Services

Secured High Speed Business & Home Internet Network Services

Back-Office Business Management

Apple & Android Pablets, Tablets Apps Setups

24 Hr Live Monitoring Advanced Video Security Systems, DVRs, IP Cams Setups,

No Monthly Monitoring Fee Service Security Monitoring & Alarm Systems

Advanced Home Automation Monitoring  And Control Systems

Emergency Data-Recovery From Computers, Laptops, Memory Cards And More.

All Windows 10 Upgrades & System Installs

Complete Computer Data Backup Services

Hardware & Software Experts

Paperless Office Conversions

We Convert Your Paper Forms To Digital PDF Fill In Forms

Fill In Web Forms From Computers, Laptops, Tablets, Smart Phones And Devices

We Can Help You Convert Your Paper Files To Digitalized Organized Forms

Edit, View And Reprint If Needed

Get Organized In All Digital Paperless World


Some Of Our Forms Include Government Forms, Police Forms,

Doctor Forms, Auto Business Forms, Attorney Forms,

Job Application Forms, Manuals, Questionnaires And More.

Advanced Media Server Systems And Solutions

Total Media Storage Large And Small Systems

Video And Picture Digitalization Preservation Conversion Services

4K Home Entertainment Video Media Systems And Setup Services

High Speed Internet Game System Setups And Service

Enjoy Being More Productive, Informed & Connected To Others And Life

Access Your Files, Pictures From Most Anywhere, Send, Receive, Share Live Information & Communicate Better With Others

We Also Help You To Not Over Share Your Information

Get Connected To The Cloud Today

Auto-Cad & Micro Station Services

Total Wireless World Computer Setups

Advanced Entertainment Media Server Systems

HD Video Media Player Setups And Digital Conversions

High Speed Satellite Internet Up-link/Down-link Systems

Remote Office Setups Work From Home Or From Most Locations

Web & Logo Design

On-Line Business Stores Setup

Web Hosting & Super E-Mail Services

Paper Forms Converted To Electronic & Internet Forms

File Conversion Services

Computer Recovery Systems

Here Is Some Of Our Clients

Government Offices, Professionals, Attorneys Offices, Police Departments, Tax Offices, Doctors Offices, Computer Businesses, Major Transportation Manufacturer, C-Stores, Large Supply Chains, Auto Businesses, Electrical Businesses, Printing Businesses, Drafting Businesses, Architects, Small Businesses, Home Businesses And More

We Provide Advanced Real Fast Quaility Services !

Great Quality Services Of Computers USA

Serving The Business World For Over 37 Years!

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